Copywriter for the Web

I write, edit, & proofread web content

People come to your website to learn about you, or get something done. Sadly, web readers don't have time to weed through unnecessary words. Does your content give them what they want, or does it get in their way?

Effective web content inspires trust and motivates actionquickly. Copy should be useful and readable, polished and professional, easy to understand and navigate. Is your website effective? If not, you may want to hire me.

My background

Before beginning my copywriting career, I graduated from Lycoming College with a degree in English. While at Lycoming, I was a regular staff writer for the campus newspaper, The Lycourier. I later earned my teaching certification from Arizona State University.

I work part time as a teacher at one of New Jersey's top public schools, and spend the remainder of my days writing, editing – then writing and editing some more. My clients depend on me for content that is clear, crisp, and compulsively readable.

I specialize in creating web content, blog articles, and more. If you can dream it, I can put it into words for you.

What people say

Selecting an effective copywriter is extremely difficult, especially for nit-picky and demanding clients like myself. I was fortunate enough to find Sara, who delivered first-class work by successfully balancing our specific needs and her professional input.

Sara absorbs like a sponge and yet retains her own unique perspective. More importantly, she 'has the light in her eyes,' which is a true rarity these days.

A face to the name

sara greco