My Work

Some of my favorite jobs include:

The Cocktail App

The Cocktail App An iPhone app and Landing Page

I assisted the German-based company by proofreading their entire app for English grammar and sentence construction.

Buona Vita Fitness

Buona Vita Fitness New York Personal Trainer

I collaborated with this iNetworks’ client to transform his personal fitness philosophy into winning content for his new yoga and physical training website.

Free Websites Inc.

Free Websites Inc. Website Themes and Hosting

I created forty web template advertisement blurbs and a 90-word sales pitch for I also revised and edited pre-existing web copy for clarity and marketability.

Restaurant Steals and Deals

Restaurant Steals & Deals local advertising with a long distance reach

I worked with this iNetworks’ client to create web content highlighting the company’s superior restaurant search engine and advertising strategies. I also stepped out of my comfort zone a bit by conceptualizing and creating pricing tables.

Bird Dog Media

Bird Dog Media Online Advertising Network

I created PPC and SEO landing page copy, adhering to word count minimums and targeting two to three keywords per page.

Make Paper Easy

Make Paper Easy Arizona Printing and Marketing Company

I utilized SEO strategies to create web content for Project Center’s website, I also edited Project Center’s pre-existing copy for fluency and efficiency.

Business Cards Pricing

Business Cards Pricing Arizona Printing and Marketing Company

I wrote original landing page content with a focus on printing business cards.

The Law Offices of Jay D. Bhatt

The Law Offices of Jay D. Bhatt New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer

I developed an on-line financial course featuring forms, charts, and easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions. The course is meant to teach successful financial practices to those who have recently filed for bankruptcy.

Trusty Tutors

Trusty Tutors New Jersey Tutoring Company

I served as the sole web writer for, thereby creating 95% of the original web content. I also created forms and pricing tables, and advised the company owners on the overall structure of the website.

Realty Solution Source

Realty Solution Source New Jersey Real Estate Investment and Holding Firm

I revised content for, highlighting the firm’s expertise and mission.